Hi, my name is Art. As a German expat, I’ve been living in Switzerland since early 2012. What can I say? I’m fascinated by this country, and I really enjoy all it has to offer—picturesque nature, lovely villages, lively cities, exhilarating cultural diversity...I could go on and on.

Art from the Cross the Border Blog walking across the Rhine river at the Swiss-German border between Koblenz and Waldshut

In particular, I’m astonished by all the options and opportunities afforded by Switzerland’s central location, excellent infrastructure, low taxes, and the country’s political climate, which is distinct from its neighbors.

As Swiss residents, we’re spoiled; we’ve got an abundance of domestic and foreign offers at our doorstep, from shopping opportunities to leisure activities and financial services.

Especially when we turn our attention outside Swiss borders, we can benefit big-time from the country’s high wage level, strong currency, and foreign tax refunds. In some cases, however, you can actually snag a better bargain within Switzerland.

To cross, or not to cross the border, that's the question. :-)

The key is to make careful decisions, taking both the entire market and your individual circumstances into account. It’s a pretty simple recipe—keep your head in the game and you’ll grab a great deal! To my surprise, though, Swiss residents rarely make the most of the unique situation they’re in.

Thus, I’ve decided to create the Cross the Border Blog to share my cross-border experiences with you! I want to establish a comprehensive knowledge base that will be useful for everybody. Your feedback and support would be greatly appreciated.

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All the best, and hope to see you around!